Monday, January 25, 2010


This weekend was interesting. Saturday, I spent getting my son and daughter ready for their first formal. Running around, getting things for them and making them feel loved and beautiful. Sunday, I spent some "me time" with a friend at a make-up counter at Macy's.

---->Turns out the lady at the Clinique counter said my skin was thirsty.
It was sucking up anything it could find. Make-up, lotion, oil...anything.

Ever the poet, I got to thinking about what happens when my life gets dehydrated. When everything I do is a checklist. When I am sucking worth and hope and peace from anywhere I can find it. When the colors all get muted.
My life gets full quickly. There are 7 people on my calendar, so days become too big for the little black and white box sometimes.

That is when I need to stop and marinate.

After our trip, I came home and posted about it on my facebook.
Within the next hour many friends stopped by to comment and let me know that I am beautiful and loved.
That began the rehydration and then...

I spent time with my youngest daughter, turning a simple request into a project. (more below*)

I grooved to some music.

I listened with my eyes closed, to the sound of my children laughing.

I called my mom.

I read this blog, about giving, that made me smile.

I soaked it in. Let it get deep and change me. Change my heart and my responses. Remind me of the truths I know and propose to live by. I took deep breaths and now I am ready to "do" some more.

Just in time. (Cuz today is in the box and down the side.)

Blessings to you and many happy marinades!

*BTW...Our project:

Bella has been complaining recently that baby dolls are way too light. "They don't feel like real babies." So, she had taken to carrying around a "rice sock" (for heating in the microwave and relieving sore joints) wrapped in a baby blanket.

Instead we got an old scrap of linen and sewed it up. She then filled it with rice.
We wrapped her baby in one fat quarter of floral material and stiched it in place.

Lastly, Bella drew the new baby's face with a marker and I followed her lines to add some color with paint.

So: Here is Maddie Grace.
"The best, most realest feeling baby doll ever."

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