Friday, January 15, 2010

It's Friday!

Wow. We made it. It's the Friday of the first week back to school after Christmas break. Our reward?
Monday we don't have to go!!!!!!!

Most brilliant reward for attendance ever.
I always thought that the kids who had perfect attendance should be given a day off.
Finally, someone... somewhere.. agrees.
God bless you, Dr. King.
(For lots of reasons. Least of which, because Monday is your day and that means
we don't have to go to school.)

I promised to give you all a link to my new artfire shop.
I should wait until Monday, because I have tons of stuff to add this weekend.
But, for being so nice..I will give it to you now.
Consider it a little sneak peek at my brain.
(It's probably best to take it a bite at a time anyway.)

So, here it is:

Have fun looking. If you click on a pic it will take you to a few more pics and some info about it.
Some have stories about their inspiration, which is interesting.
So, if you've been refreshing facebook and refreshing facebook and nothing is changing-
then head over to my shop and read for a bit and then go back. It will help you pass the time between status updates and farmville requests. :)

Love to ya and peace be with ya~


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