Monday, January 17, 2011

bumblebee thoughts

It seems that
felt much longer
on other days
when I
love you.

But now
that I
to trace
your roads
like lines
your palm...
I fear
it is much

So my friends, we will be moving in six months. Unless something unforeseen happens. As of now, we are Louisiana bound in the middle of July. My mind is racing with all the certain things and uncertain things to come. The gypsy in me is THRILLED! The momma in me is sad, as one kid stays behind to make a world for himself. The southern girl in me is enthralled with the beauty of the trees and edges of the shore.
Many moons ago, I set out to work on a cruise ship all alone.
With this mantra: One cannot find new worlds if they are not willing to lose sight of this shore.
And so here I go again. Lucky for me, I will be co-piloting this journey. (Take my hand Sean, cause we're about to jump!)


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